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Silver Flight has an Air Operator Certificate (AOC). This license from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management is only issued if an airline complies with the high European standards of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Training, maintenance and flight operations are supervised by the Dutch Authority (ILT, formerly also known as the National Aviation Service). The requirements that other airlines such as KLM, Transavia or TUI must meet therefore also apply to Silver Flight. In addition, the Silver Flight team checks 24/7 whether everything is 100% safe.





All Silver Flight planes are flown by a Captain and a Co-Pilot. The Captain is the most experienced pilot on board, but the Co-pilot has an equally important function. They cross-check each other so that the flight is carried out 100% safe. Both pilots have undergone extensive flight training and obtained specific approval to fly on the Pilatus PC-12. Before joining Silver Flight, they followed the Silver Flight "Operator Conversion Course" to meet the highest safety standards. Our pilots have also undergone an extensive health check before being hired. They are tested and re-examined every six months.

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PC-12 safety record not beaten per 100.000 flights

Flying is already safe, but with the Pilatus PC-12 it is even safer than with other aircraft, read more about it here

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