Our story

We are different

We have a different mentality, a different plane. We believe flying should be enjoyable. With us you are free to actually choose your own destination!

Free from Corona stress

Free from Corona stress at busy airports and on busy planes. We make flying fun again. Comfortable, safe, durable and affordable. But above all efficient and practical from door to door.


Swiss precision and dedication

We fly the iconic Pilatus PC-12. Built with Swiss precision and dedication. A world-class aircraft. Celebrated for its seating and luggage space, versatility and stability. And its ability to land on grass, sand and snow in addition to the asphalt runways. Making 2500 European airports accessible to travel to.


Fly smart

We give wings to the new generation of private flyers. Wings to fly smarter. And get closer to the place of your destination. Visit multiple cities, locations or factories in one day. Land with your friends near your favorite golf course. Or fly directly with family in the snow for your favorite skiing holiday.


Operational safety

At Silver Flight we pride ourselves on making each flight as safe, efficient, affordable and comfortable as possible. That is why our flight crew always consists of two experienced and fully rated pilots. Who are qualified to the highest EASA safety standards. The PC-12 is equipped with a modern and state of the art cockpit, making her very effcient and rewarding to fly! We are ready to welcome you on board.


Fly green

We want to fly as green as possible. Unfortunately, commercial electric flying is not yet available. So that's why we operate the Pilatus PC-12, todays greenest commercial aircraft.

Our story
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The Pilatus PC-12
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Question? Please let us know. Call one of our private aviation experts for personal advice +31(0)6 19 60 98 94 or send an email to sales@silverflight.nl