Our team

Our Team

Our Silver Flight team consists of a good mix of young and experienced aviation experts. They all have earned their merits at a wide variety of companies like commercial airlines and the Air Forces. Combined they are a strond team that share one mission: making your flight as safe and comfortable as possible.

Kelly Otte


Kelly knows all tricks of the aviation trade. After his initial flight training in the US he obtained a Dutch Pilot License at the KLM Flight Academy. Followed by many flight-hours as a Captain on several types of aircrafs throughout the years. (including the Airbus, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Embraer and Fokker) Kelly also worked for the Dutch Civil Aviation Authority as an flight inspector. In this position he contributed to flight safety in the Netherlands as a supervisor at airlines and training institutions. After his career at the Civil Aviation Authority he was a board member at Corendon Dutch Airlines as an operational expert. Kelly is still an instructor and examiner on the Airbus 320, Boeing 737 and of course the Pilatus PC-12.


Dominique Otte


Dominique is responsible for the Customer Experience. Together with her team, she is ready to unburden you and make your trip as comfortable as possible. Dominique (Oxford University Hospitality Management) knows hospitality! From simply, to star-level food and service on board. The entire journey will be taken care of from start to destination!


Floris Heering


Floris ensures that the flight planning runs smoothly. He oversees the operation behind the scenes, and is the first point of contact for the pilots. Your flight will therefore always follow the most fast and efficient route. Floris is also a pilot at Silver Flight.


Sander Plokker


Sander is no stranger to aviation. With his versatile experience in the sector as a flight dispatcher and ground operations officer, he has an answer to everything. With his operational knowledge, Sander will ensure that your flight will be coordinated down to the last detail. From arranging the flight plans as safely and efficiently as possible to the pre-flight briefing to the pilots, Sander will ensure that your flight runs smoothly.

Sander Plokker

Dennis Rieder


Dennis is passionate about training. He has held many positions at Martinair, but his expertise is in training. Dennis ensures that the crew is trained and examined to the highest level. He is a Pilot for Silver Flight as well.

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Jos Vriend


In addition to being a Sales Manager, Jos is an expert in the field of possibilities in aviation, Silver Flight in particular. Jos has worked as a pilot at Air Holland, Martinair and KLM. He can tell you exactly what is possible and what not. But he will always find a solution!

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Moniek van den Acker


Moniek is Silver Flight's "conscience". In the position of Safety & Compliance Monitoring Manager, she keeps a close eye on all regulations. Together with Jan-Koen she carries out audits at the various departments of Silver Flight.

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Stef Loup


Stef started at the Fokker factory, and has fulfilled many positions there. Ultimately, he took his knowledge to the IVW (the former autorothies) and worked there as an inspector and supervisor at multiple Dutch aviation maintenance companies. Stef is the manager of all maintenance that needs to be carried out on Silver Flight's aircraft.

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Eric Schouten


Eric has a 13-year long career at the General Intelligence and Security Service. As a liaison for the aviation industry, he helped keep aviation operations safe. He was involved in the establishment of the Dutch national expert group for flights over conflict areas, and participated in many other security-related projects. Eric is committed to use his knowledge and experience to keep the Silver Flight operation safe.

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Jannes Wolff


Jannes is a real social connector and never shy from a good business conversation. Jannes sees and understands the possibilities that exist for your company and the role that Silver Flight can play in this.

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Chiquita Creyghton


Our Chief Financial Officer Chiquita ensures that everything is financially in order at Silver Flight. Chiquita has been with Silver Flight since the very beginning. She makes sure that all business processes are correct, and run smoothly. With her background at many Dutch airlines, she knows how to keep Silver Flight on the right course.


Danny Dammers


Besides a career as a pilot, Danny is the person who ensures that everything runs smoothly at the airports where Silver Flight fly to. He directs the 'process' behind the flights.

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