Many people consider their pet a full member of the family. And of course you don't like to transport them in the luggage hold at the bottom of an airplane. That's why your darling travels with you in the cabin. Silver Flight makes flying for pets, as the only airline in the Netherlands, just as comfortable as for their owners.

There are some international rules that we adhere to. That way, your pet's journey can be safe and stress-free. In any case, it is obligated that your pet:
- holds a valid EU pet passport,
- has been chipped or has a tattoo applied after July 3, 2011
- has been vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before departure.
Dogs on board
Some European countries also require a health certificate, blood test or additional tapeworm treatment. Our Silver Flight team will be happy to help you prepare the trip with your pet. Keep in mind to start this on time, as this process can possibly take several months.
During take-off, landing and turbulence, pets go in kennels or travel bags for safety. Dogs are allowed to sit with you during a quiet flight, but of course on the leash. With Silver Flight, your pet is allowed in the cabin with you. This way you can always give your beloved four-legged friend a hug during the flight.
Cat on board


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